How To Be a Cam Girl on Chaturbate

Since I have so much experience hanging out on Chaturbate, I get a lot of girls asking me on social media how to be a Chaturbate cam model. Obviously it’s not difficult to signup for a model account and start broadcasting on the site, but it takes some knowledge to really perform well and make good tips and tokens. I have literally years and years of experience watching cam girls do their thing on the site, so I’m going to share what I think the best tricks are for new cam models.

How to get started as a cam model.

The first thing that every new Chaturbate girl should do is get familiar with the apps and bots that the site offers. These are automation tools that can really improve the quality of the experience your room viewers have by allowing you to run games and contests which can engage people and keep them in your room. Take some time to watch other models using the apps and see how they work, then active some of them in your room and test them out.

The second big tip for new cam girls on Chaturbate is to talk to your viewers, especially those who have colored usernames. The blues and the purples are members who have been spending money on the site, so they’re the ones who can tip you and take you private. Cam girls who concentrate their attention on these members generally make more money, for obvious reasons. Don’t spend too much time engaging members who have grey usernames, they generally don’t have much to spend.


Finally, new cam models on Chaturbate need to try to do collabs with other, more established girls on the site. You can get friendly with other models on Twitter and develop some rapport with them, then schedule a meetup so you can do shows together. This helps a new cam girl a lot because she will get introduced to the more established model’s audience of fans, and many of those fans will stick to her. Developing a good fan base is the key to making a lot of money as a cam model, so this can help a lot.

Learning how to be a cam girl can be difficult if you don’t know where to get advice, so be careful about listening to people who have little or no experience on the particular cam site you’re working on.

That Time I Fell For a Chaturbate Cam Model

Okay, so I think most guys who watch cam girls have a similar story to tell, but that doesn’t mean I don’t feel stupid for letting this happen to me. It was during a difficult time for me, and I was very emotionally vulnerable, so I was ripe for it. I basically fell in love with a cam girl and nearly ruined my life over it. So, if any of you are on the verge of going down a similar road, you need to listen carefully here.

The first rule of cam site viewers is don’t ever fall for a cam girl. Now, I didn’t know this when I very unfortunately violated the rule, and I really wish somebody had informed me of it before it was too late. My ignorance of this common pitfall for cam site members would cause me to have one of the worst existential crises of my life.

My cam girl romance.

I had been a member at Chaturbate for a while when I met the girl, and I thought I was experienced enough as a guy to keep myself for becoming too attached to cam models, but I was mistaken. She was blond, gorgeous, and friendly as could be. She totally stole my heart. I began tipping her large amounts, I bought her gifts, and I even started talking to her off-site. She was so sweet, so seemingly concerned about my life, and it was totally impossible for me to resist her.

After a couple months of my little secret romance with her, I asked her to meet me in person. That was the beginning of the crisis that almost derailed my entire life. I had spent about $10k on her, by that point, and we were so close online that I felt it was time to meet. She reacted very negatively to the suggestion, and insisted that we now only talk on Chaturbate. I was crushed that she wouldn’t meet me, but I continued to chat with her and tip her on the cam site.

Well, a couple weeks after that, she told me that she wasn’t comfortable with how close we had become, and she didn’t think I should come around to her chat room anymore. I couldn’t believe it, and I tried to convince her that she was wrong, but she insisted. She ended up blocking me, which I circumvented by using a different Chaturbate account to watch her cam. When she found out I was doing that, she left Chaturbate and never came back.

By that time, I had gotten myself in so much debt due to my spending on this cam girl, that I was about to have a nervous breakdown. Luckily, with the help of friends, I got out of that emotional black hole and recovered, but this is a cautionary tale for any guys out there who might be getting too close to cam models. You need to remind yourself that these are strictly online relationships, and trying to convert them to real-life ones can cause all sorts of problems. Think twice!

Why I Like Chaturbate Better Than MFC

Back in the day, I was a big fan of the cam site IFriends, which was like the main big boy in the business at the time. Chaturbate wasn’t even a glimmer in its daddy’s eye, at that point. MyFreeCams came around in 2006, and it totally blew IFriends away because of its revolutionary design and format. Up to then, it was really hard to find cam sites where you could watch cam models for free, but MFC changed all that.

I was a loyal fan of MFC for many years, and it was an awesome site that reigned supreme for like a decade, in my eyes. MFC had the best cam girls, they had free explicit action happening all the time, and it was a fun, social atmosphere where you could just chill out and have a lot of fun.

When Chaturbate debuted in 2011, it had a serious impact in the industry because they were basically duplicating the MFC format, but with new elements that made the experience more fun for both members and models. One thing they did differently was that models could use apps and bots, which allowed for automated chat room games and stuff like that. This was way better than the MFC system, which basically forced models to do all the work managing any games and tip contests.

But even though the room management features were better at Chaturbate, the model quality was still way better at MFC. MyFreeCams had throngs of truly gorgeous women, while Chaturbate was attracting only mediocre talent. For a couple years this remained the case. Well, things have changed.

Nowadays, Chaturbate is hosting some of the hottest camgirls in the camming business, and these models are a lot more fun to engage with on CB than on MFC or other cam sites. For this reason, I prefer Chaturbate overall, though I will admit that MFC has added some good features like Charlesbot which does help them compete. I’m not saying my opinion won’t change back, but for now, I’m a Chaturbate guy.

My Mission on The Internet

My whole reason for being involves watching cam girls do their thing. Yes, I know, there are probably other things I could be doing with my life, but it seems I’ve been stuck in a “meaning of life” funk that has basically developed in a belief that I should just concentrate on the things that make me happiest. So, up to now, that has been following cam models and interacting with them. Not saying it will always be like this, but for now, I’m a cam girl addict and I have no shame about it.